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Tara has always had an eye for style. This talent drew her into the world of fashion which led her to earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Textile, Apparel, and Merchandising from West Virginia University. Always being ahead of the trends, Tara headed to the now popular Bend, Oregon to start her career by opening her own contemporary women’s boutique. After 8 years in Oregon, Tara was ready for a new adventure and moved to Los Angeles to continue her sales work on a larger scale in wholesale. While she successfully ran a showroom, her work took her to New York, Atlanta, and other major cities which enabled her to work with a variety of clientele.

Los Angeles proved to be fruitful on all fronts as she met her husband there, as well! They were excited to start a family and decided to move closer to their family on the East Coast which landed them in Atlanta! Tara continued to focus on the fashion industry in her new home state and started an innovative, digital wholesale showroom wherein she handled all of the East Coast sales.

Tara has always been intrigued by her design and because of her travels, she’s always been inspired by the beautiful homes that adorn the cities. After a few years of living and exploring the eclectic neighborhoods of Atlanta, she decided to take her customer service and sales backgrounds and passion from the design world and apply it to real estate.

Tara’s down-to-earth approach helps her quickly build a strong relationship with her clients. She gets energized learning about her client’s needs and ideal neighborhood so they too can experience that bliss feeling of walking into their home. In her free time, she loves exploring the city with her husband and son in tow. She also enjoys hiking, hitting the open water on her paddleboard, reading, yoga, and checking out the latest new restaurant or listening to live music.

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